Sep 22
1:52 PM
by Brian
Click for full story. In part one of the series we took a look at Wins Produced and Win Shares, then put them through their paces a bit in a retroactive way. Now it's time to test them out in a forward-looking way. Warning, math talk ahead.
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Sep 22
1:19 AM
by Brian
Click for full story. If Elton Brand bounces back...If Evan Turner can turn into a legit number one...If Jrue Holiday makes a leap...If Spencer Hawes suddenly isn't a complete waste of space...If Andres Nocioni returns to his form of six seasons ago...If Doug Collins can get the front court to suddenly change their stripes and learn to defend. Pretty much every optimistic outlook on this team for 2010-2011 starts with one of those ifs. After the jump, and throughout the next couple of posts, we're going to take a look at what to expect if a miracle doesn't happen.
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Good link....
Sep 20
8:04 PM
by Brian
Click for full story. Setting aside, for a moment, Carmelo Anthony's tacit veto power over any trade made before February, can the Sixers put together a decent package for him? Let's take a look after the jump.
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That isn't an issue. He wouldn't....
Sep 20
2:57 AM
by Brian
Sep 17
12:36 AM
by Brian
Sep 16
1:43 PM
by Brian
Click for full story. For the second time in as many weeks, the Sixers organization set up a conference call for a group of bloggers. This time, Rod Thorn was on the line and answered a bunch of our questions. Check after the jump for my notes.
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