Sep 16
12:02 AM
by Brian
Click for full story. Ken Berger from CBS has a post tonight about how the Sixers -- and Nets -- could figure into the Carmelo Anthony trade drama. After the jump, we'll take a look at his logic, look at the various scenarios and then see if it's a trade worth making.

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Sep 15
12:41 AM
by Brian
Click for full story. Training camp is about to start, the first game is three weeks from yesterday and we've got so many more questions than answers it isn't even funny. A group of players has started working out together in Philly, Iguodala is back from the Worlds, Evan Turner is back from China. It won't be long now before the hype machine kicks into gear.
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Check the post that just went up....
Sep 14
12:00 AM
by Statman
Click for full story. Insultingly labeled the "B" team by fans and national writers alike, the 2010 version of Team USA won Gold at the World Championships, succeeding where two previous teams of NBA stars had failed. Detractors might still point out that other countries did not send their best (no Ginobili for Argentina, no Pau Gasol for Spain), but previous versions of NBA stars have lost to lesser teams than this one played (who could forget Puerto Rico in the 2004 Olympics, for example?). So how good was this Team USA compared to past versions with NBA stars? My thoughts after the jump.
Sep 13
10:27 AM
by Brian
Click for full story. The painfully slow process of redesigning this site has passed a somewhat significant milestone. The home page is about 99% done, and it's to the point where I use it exclusively to keep up with the site. After the jump, you'll find a link to the new home page. Check it out and use this post to give me any comments, complaints or just general thoughts.
Sep 12
9:29 PM
by Brian
Click for full story. Kevin Durant, Andre Iguodala and the rest of Team USA took down the Turks on their home floor earlier today to claim the gold medal in the world championships. This was the capper to a perfect summer for the so-called "b-team," and those guys all deserve a round of applause.
Sep 12
1:56 AM
by Brian
Click for full story. For all the marbles. Andre Iguodala and his mates will take on the hometown Turks, led by Hedo Turkoglu, at 2:30 today on ESPN. I'll be watching, join me in the comments for a game thread. Check after the jump for a glimpse of Hedo's offseason workout regimen.

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