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Gob BluthIt's been a hectic week/month/year for me and I've been meaning to roll out some technical changes to this blog, and the entire network for some time. I finally got around to it over the weekend and just finished testing earlier today. So I'm proud to announce the arrival of our new comment system and a new search engine.

The comments section will now read as more of a conversation. If you want to reply to someone else's comment, just hit the reply button and your response will appear right below his/hers, indented. The comment speed should be improved, as well. You can link to a specific comment with the "link" button.

The search engine is much faster, and it's paginated now, so if you search for "Yankees" you won't get 500 results all on one page. If you click on the tags at the bottom of any entry, it will give you a taste of the search engine.

The network as a whole is moving forward. We have a couple of new additions on the horizon, as well as an overdue redesign for Green Pinstripes. Any feedback and/or requests for features is absolutely encouraged, feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments section here and/or shoot me an email.

Speaking of e-mail, if you guys would like updates by e-mail (once a day, only when I post) sign up in the form below. Your e-mail address will never be used for anything but the newsletter, and it's easy to unsubscribe whenever you want. If you use an RSS reader, you can sign up for my feed by clicking this link.

As always, thanks for reading and commenting. You guys/gals make this a pleasure.

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by Brian on Jan 17 2008
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