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First Look: 2010 Redesign

The painfully slow process of redesigning this site has passed a somewhat significant milestone. The home page is about 99% done, and it's to the point where I use it exclusively to keep up with the site. After the jump, you'll find a link to the new home page. Check it out and use this post to give me any comments, complaints or just general thoughts.
Here's the URL: http://www.depressedfan.com/alpha.php

All but one or two links on the page work at this point, though the sub-pages are far from complete. Enjoy (hopefully).

A couple new features:

1. Reading List - Basically, this is a collection of links. I usually post them in the comments, now they'll be on the home page and the sidebar of other pages. If you're looking for something to read, check there.

2. Schedule - This is still in development, but the schedule is going to be interactive, with results for each game. If you click on the date or game number, you'll be taken to a mini-site for that particular game (assuming it's already been played). On the page, you'll find the rotation chart, four factors worksheet, player of the game, and all related content (preview, game thread, post-game wrap). Click "Schedule" at the top of the new home page to check it out.

There's more to come, but those features are in place now, in some form.
by Brian on Sep 13 2010
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