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We’ve officially passed the half-way point of the marathon Yankee season, and it’s time to take a look at our Player of the Game archive for some perspective.

It’s no shock that A-Rod has taken player of the game honors in 17% of the 81 games. It's shocking that Posada has only garnered the award 3 times in what is definitely his best season as a pro. Robinson Cano has been streaky to the extreme, with 6 awards in what has been a sub-par season thus far. Anyway, without further adieu, the leaderboard:

Player Total
Alex Rodriguez 14
Derek Jeter 8
Robinson Cano 6
Hideki Matsui 5
Melky Cabrera 4
Chien-Ming Wang 4
Mariano Rivera 3
Jorge Posada 3
Bobby Abreu 3
Andy Pettitte 3
Ron Villone 3
Johnny Damon 2
Brian Bruney 2
Kei Igawa 2
Mike Myers 2
Matt DeSalvo 2
Luis Vizcaino 2
Doug 2
Mike Mussina 2
Phil Hughes 1
Roger Clemens 1
Jason Giambi 1
Edwar Ramirez 1
Wil Nieves 1
Scott Proctor 1
Darrell Rasner 1
Sean Henn 1
Carl Pavano 1

by Brian on Jul 5 2007