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It's with mild pleasure that I introduce the newest blog to the Blogs By Fans Network. It's not that the writer is a bad person, in fact he's a great guy and a great writer to boot. It's not that the design of the blog is dull, in fact I think it's some of the best work we've done around here. It's just that it's a Red Sox blog.

Without further adieu, "Who Made You Mirabelli?"

whomadethislogo.gifIn all seriousness, Cameron will bring balance to the heated Red Sox/Yankee rivalry which developed on the network last season, and an experienced voice to our baseball coverage in general. I'm extremely excited to have him on board, and you should be as well. Head on over there and check out his site, he's been cranking out posts all weekend in preparation for tonight's launch.
by Brian on Feb 10 2008
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