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The Yanks had the day all to themselves which probably means a movie for Cano and Melky, hydrotherapy or acupuncture for Jeter, porn for Matsui and maybe a mannish stripper for A-Rod (they are going to Toronto, after all). Just because they didn't take the field, doesn't mean they couldn't gain ground on the Sox, however. Tampa Bay shut out Boston, in Boston, 1-0. Scott Kazmir threw a gem, striking out 10 in 7 innings, and Rays' pitiful pen made that one-run lead stand up.

In related news, Willy Mo Pena (who the Red Sox basically gave away for nothing) had 2 home runs for Washington today. I guess the Sox really had no use for him. Theo Epstein's a great G.M., huh?

Boston's lead is down to five games, four in the loss column. Boston has 17 games to go, the Yanks have 19.

Phil Hughes looks to build on his solid outing last week tomorrow night against the Blue Jays (who have knocked him around twice already this season). It also looks like Roger Clemens will be back in the rotation over the weekend, in Boston.

In related news, A-Rod was named the A.L. Player of the week. His numbers:  6 games, .565 average, .630 obp, 1.478 slg, 2.178 ops, 9 runs, 11 RBI, 7 home runs. I guess he deserved it.
by Brian on Sep 10 2007
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