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It's fun to keep track of the starts in which Clemens earns his king's ransom, and also when he falls short of expectations. Today's performance definitely belongs in the former category. Skidmark was dealing today, and even though he found himself in a couple of jams, he worked his way out and held the Tigers offense in check until the Yankee bats could break through.

It appears as though Jorge Posada has been watching the Little League World Series on ESPN, because he called a play that I haven't seen used since little league early in the game. There were runners on first and third, with 1 out and a full count on the batter when Posada went out to the mound to talk to Clemens. The batter swung through strike three, and Posada came out of the crouch and fired a low throw to second. Brandon Inge broke off of third, headed for home, but Clemens reached out and cut the throw off. Inge was caught in no-man's land, and the play ended the inning. I've watched thousands of baseball games, and probably caught another thousand myself, and I've never, ever seen that play work. Even Mrs. DF said, "I don't think that was a normal play." This game never ceases to amaze me.

Back to the action. Farnsworth was inexplicably called upon with the game in reach, and he didn't choke, which I found shocking. The Viz was great, and Mo looked like Mo again, thank God.

Letter to the Skipper:

lettertojoe0818.jpgPlayer of The Game: Bobby Abreu, 1 for 3, 1 run, 2 RBI, 1 BB, 1 HR. His opposite-field home run swung the momentum back to the Yanks and they never looked back. There was something strange going on in that at bat. Durbin was trying to work Abreu inside, but he seemed intent on taking the ball the other way. He inside-outed a couple of pitches that I thought he should've turned on and driven, then a pitch drifted closer to the middle of the plate and he drove it off the foul pole in left. Strange at bat, but I won't be doubting Abreu's approach for a while after seeing the results.
by Brian on Aug 19 2007
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