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It looks like the deal is done, tentatively. The Yanks and D-Backs have agreed to a trade that would send the ornery 43 year-old Randy Johnson back to Arizona for three prospects, right-handers Ross Ohlendorf and Steven Jackson, and shortstop Alberto Gonzalez as well as major league reliever Luis Vizcaino. The Yanks will also pick up between $1.5M and $2.0M of Johnson's $16M contract in 2007.

The teams have a 72-hour period to finalize the deal, which is contingent upon a contract extension for Johnson and a physical. Don't ask me how a guy coming off back surgery is going to pass a physical, but I'm sure the D-Backs will find a way to pass him. The Yanks got younger and dumped a huge contract today. I fully expect them to at least try to get older with that money. Brian Cashman is going to make a full-court press to get Roger Clemens to pitch part of the season for the Yanks, and he should. Clemens still has unbelievable stuff, and if the Yanks get him, and he stays healthy, he's going to be their number two pitcher in the playoffs this year, behind Wang, who is without a doubt the ace of the staff.

In other, less exciting Yankee news today, it looks like Doug Mientkiewicz will be taking over the everyday spot at first base. Mientkiewicz used to be a great glove, no bat kind of guy. Let's hope that his glove is still great, because he isn't going to contribute on the offensive side. I still think Matsui should be learning to play first so Melky can play in regularly in left.

by Brian on Jan 4 2007