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A few quick notes on today's earlier games:

corpas1003.jpgRockies 4, Phillies 2 - Cole Hamels spotted the Rockies 3 runs early before he settled down and pitched like the ace he is. Unfortunately, the Phils never did recover. The Rockies pen deserves a lion's share of the credit. Starter Jeff Francis was outstanding through the first six, but he turned the ball over to his pen with a precarious 1-run lead, and they held a potent Phils ' lineup right there. The key to the game was the Rockies' handling of Utley and Howard. The three and four hitters finished the day 0-8 with 7 Ks. For Phillies coverage, check out Fightin' Phils Fans.

garret1003.jpg Sox 4, Angels 0 - Josh Beckett threw a shut out in the opener of this series, and to be honest with you, I just couldn't take the incessant praise of all things Boston from the horrible announcers past the sixth inning. Did you know Terry Francona's bowel movements cure cancer? Key stat, Garrett Anderson, 0 for 4, with 3 runners left on base. The Angels need production out of him, otherwise Vlad is never going to see a pitch to hit. Anyway, if you must read more about this horrible team and their horrible city, check out Blue Thoughts.

zambrano1003.jpgD-Backs 1, Cubs 1 (In progress, top 6th) - This game is turning into the best game of the day. The only run scored on a solo shot by Stephen Drew. Webb and Zambrano are both dealing. The Cubs have squandered two situations where small ball would've pushed a run across. They just tied the game up. This is definitely the most enjoyable game of the day, and I think it might have something to do with the announcers. I actually think Ron Darling is a good color guy. Check out Cobra Brigade for extensive Cubs coverage.
by Brian on Oct 3 2007
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