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Very un-Mo-like outing today.I already had most of this post written when the bottom of the ninth came around. The Yanks’ formula was working, for the first time this year, Andy Pettitte went seven strong, Proctor worked through a solid eighth, and Mo was on the hill to lock it down. Then the unthinkable happened. Todd Walker singled the other way, Jeff Kendall worked a walk on a long at bat, and then up stepped the diminutive Marco Scutaro. Mo got ahead 0–2, and then…lift-off.

Marco Scutaro just beat the Yanks with a walk-off homerun. Un-f*cking-believable.

I don’t have anything bad to say about this one, Jeter booted another one, but seemed bound and determined on defense after that. The Yanks pushed across three runs on sac flies, a good sign in the “small ball” department. Pettitte was great, the pen was great, everything was great except Mo.

Mo is the only cog in this machine that I don’t worry about. This was a blip, a miracle, an anomaly. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Player of the Game: Jorge Posada, 2 for 3, a run and rib.


by Brian on Apr 15 2007