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For the sake of my fantasy teams, I hope the guys at The Cheater’s Guide to Baseball Blog are wrong about K-Rod. They’re saying they have visual proof that Francisco Rodriguez is doctoring the ball on the mound.

I looked at their evidence, and didn’t see anything as egregious as Kenny Rogers’ magical dirt spot in the W.S. last year.

Anyway, have a look for yourself, unless you’re a ranking MLB official, in that case, pretend I never mentioned this, because I need K-Rod on the hill getting me saves.

On another “unrelated to anything I usually write about” note, you may have noticed the scoreboard widgets all the blogs here at Blogs By Fans have been sporting for a couple of weeks now. (You have to click on a blog name in the right side bar, or a headline to get to the individual blogs) These widgets come to you from the good folks over at BallHype, a new Web 2.0 sports extravaganza. I didn’t make an announcement when we first added them because BallHype was in private Beta (basically, they were testing their stuff out, but not public yet). Well, they’ve since launched, and it’s turning out to be a kick-ass site.

The widget we use on our blogs shows the most recent games for the teams we cover, the results and also how BallHype users are handicapping the game. Check out BallHype, and join our group here.

by Brian on Apr 5 2007