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How bad have things gotten for the Cleveland Indians? Well, Jose Molina had the first four-hit game of his career, Mike Mussina looked like a Cy Young candidate and Jason Giambi hit his first home run since late May. The Yankees pasted the Indians 11-2, and assured themselves of a series win in Cleveland.

There was another rumor floating around that the Yanks were going to call up Edwar, but it didn't materialize. I also saw speculation that Ian Kennedy may be called up to make the start in Clemens' spot on Tuesday. There was concern that the Yanks would have to make room for him on the 40-man roster, and the team was afraid they'd have to expose someone to waivers to get that done. If anyone's asking for a list, the first name on it would be Kyle Farnsworth, the second Jim Brower.

In other excellent news, the Padres put in a claim on Kei Igawa. The Yanks have three options, they can allow the Pads to take on Igawa, they can work out a trade with San Diego in the next 10 days or they can pull him back off waivers and live with him stinking it up in the minors. I'm for either the first or second options.

The Spanks go for the sweep tomorrow afternoon (Pettitte vs. Westbrook). I know this is nit-picking, but it sure would be nice if the Yanks could finish off this series. I don't want to see a let-down game, I smell blood and I want the Indians buried.

By the way, this Cleveland team is not a playoff team. These are the teams I see in the A.L. playoffs: Angels, Tigers, Yankees, Red Sox. It also would've completely shock me if Seattle got the Wild Card and the Sox were sitting at home come October.

Player of The Game: Mike Mussina, 7.2 innings, 2 earned, 8 hits, 0 bb, 6 Ks. I've been rough on Mussina, tonight he looked like the old Moose. (Good pitching or bad hitting?)
by Brian on Aug 11 2007
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