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biggameandy.jpgBlowouts, nail-biters, pitcher's duels, hit parades...you name the type of game, and the Yankees are winning them. They've done it pretty, they've done it ugly. The only thing that matters is that they keep winning. Tonight, it took a combined effort from Pettitte, Joba and Mo to lock down a 2-1 win over the Orioles to complete the sweep. The Yankees got the job done. Period.

The Red Sox, did not. They had their "best" on the mound, with the bases loaded, and a one-run deficit in the bottom of the eighth against the Blue Jays. Papelbon was facing Russ Adams (the same Russ Adams who buried them yesterday), and Mr. Adams delivered again (see photo below). A grand salami off Mr. April through August. That's right folks, for the second year in a row Papelbon is done come September. Francona babied him. Epstein traded for Gagne so they'd have a backup. It didn't matter. The weather is getting cooler, and Papelbon is cooked. This year, it might not even be a physical thing, but a mental thing. The past two times he's taken the mound have been the two biggest games of his career. Both times, he failed, and failed miserably.

russadamssalami.jpgThe Yankees are now 1 game back in the loss column, with 10 games to go. The magic number is 11. This is not a foregone conclusion. Starting Friday, the Yankees will face the same Blue Jays team that just got done sweeping the Sox. The pitchers they'll face: Halladay, Marcum, McGowan and Burnett. Going for the Yanks: Wang, Kennedy, Clemens, Hughes.

All the Yankees have to do is keep winning series. The playoff spot is secure, and if Boston continues to fold like this, they're going to have some time to set their roster after they clinch the division. One day at a time, march to the playoffs and be ready to dominate once you get there.

Player of the Game: Andy Pettitte. 7.2 gutsy innings.

by Brian on Sep 19 2007
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