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The unlucky streak the Yanks are currently suffering through should be a golden opportunity for one man more than any other.

Let’s paint a picture, you’re 24 years-old, you play for the Yankees, a team that’s invested heavily in its starting rotation, but you come to spring training with an outside shot at making the club.

You perform very well, and get a couple of lucky breaks. Guys in front of you are dinged up. All signs are pointing to you not only making the team, but making the rotation. All you need to do to cement your position is go out there one last time and show the team’s brass that you really are ready.

I’ve just described Jeff Karstens’ spring. The problem, Karstens went out there today against Detroit and got absolutely lit up. 6 runs, 6 hits, 2 walks on only 46 pitches. Then he was escorted off the field by the trainer.

Hopefully, it was only his pride that was hurt, and this outing got the last of the butterflies out for Karstens. Hopefully. This kid is going to start the season in the rotation, if he isn’t hurt, cross your fingers that today was a hiccup and he’ll be able to control his nerves when the games count. You should also probably hope that today’s version wasn’t the real Jeff Karstens, and the other guy, the one that dominated earlier in spring training, was smoke and mirrors.

by Brian on Mar 25 2007