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Eduardo, please annunciate.First pitch is in a couple of minutes, but before the game starts, I was wondering if anyone out there was watching the Baseball Tonight that just aired as a lead-in to the game.

If you were watching, and you can translate one word Eduardo Perez said during one hour show, I’d sure love it if you could post his words in the comments.

That show has gone so far downhill, the most recent crop of ex-players (Perez, Eric Young, Fernando Vina), who I’m sure are very nice guys, just don’t have the chops the be in front of the camera. ESPN should just bite the bullet and bring Harold Reynolds back. Steve Phillips, while capable of forming cohesive sentences, in most cases, does nothing but spew mindless drivel, and the show seems to lean on him. I enjoy Tim Kirkjan, I can tolerate Kruk, even Gammons has tempered his Red Sox apologist party line in recent years, but when you have the ESPN face, Phillips and Perez the show just goes nowhere. Isn’t the lead-in to Sunday Night Baseball supposed to be the A-Team group?

Joe Morgan is currently talking about how A-Rod is “still the guy” and how the Yanks are absolutely in the race. He was singing a very different tune the last time the Yanks were on Sunday Night Baseball.

Anyway, game time. The Giambi t-shirt is in bad shape after sitting through the rain delay yesterday, but I’m wearing it (it gets washed after the next loss.) Recap later tonight.

by Brian on Jun 17 2007