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If it was common knowledge that the Phillies were willing to trade a 24 year-old outfield with a great glove, blazing speed and a major-league ready bat for a reliever with psychological problems and no intestinal fortitude, Brian Cashman should've been attached at the hip to Phillies' GM Pat Gillick.

If you missed the news, the Astros traded Brad Lidge to the Phils for Bourn, some garbage was thrown in on both sides to make up the 5-player deal, but Lidge and Bourn were the main components.

Here's my question to you, Brian Cashman: How does this deal not get done for Kyle Farnsworth? You should be ashamed of yourself.

By the way, I guarantee this move sends at least two dozen Phillies fans into cardiac arrest when Lidge gives up long balls this season.

Get used to this sight, Phillies fans.

by Brian on Nov 8 2007
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