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Philhughes073153,958 fans were on hand at the stadium tonight, all hoping to see a home run. They got to see eight of them, unfortunately none were the one they were hoping for. Matsui hit two, Melky, Posada, Abreu, Damon, Duncan and Cano each hit one, but A-Rod couldn’t connect for his 500th career home run. Maybe tomorrow.

The Yanks romped and Mussina wasn’t as pitiful as usual (although he did manage to cough up most of an early 4–0 lead). Heck, even Farnsworth pitched a clean inning, what are the odds of that?

Both the Sox and the Indians lost, so the deficit moves to 7 for the division and 3 for the Wild Card.

I have one final thought on the Yankees and the trade deadline. On Saturday, the Yankees will get a starting pitcher for the final two months of the season who is far better than any starter who was traded in the past couple of days, Phil Hughes. In the next week or two, the Yankees will get a reliever for the remainder of the season who has a chance at being far more dominant than any reliever acquired in the past couple of days, Joba Chamberlain. Brian Cashman’s plan is working people (I’m talking to you, George). It’s actually working faster than anyone thought it would. The Yanks had some tough times in the first half, but from here on out it’s the young guys who are going to propel this team to the playoffs. I, for one, can’t wait to watch.

Letter to the Skipper:


Player of The Game: Hideki Matsui, 2 for 3, 2 HR, 4 runs, 3 RBI, 2 walks.

UPDATE: I’m hearing rumors that Edwar Ramirez is getting called back up tomorrow. I’m absolutely loving the youth movement, now all we need is for Joe to use the kids.

by Brian on Aug 1 2007