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As if a 1:07 p.m. Monday afternoon start isn’t depressing enough, I’m stuck listening to it through MLB.com as I compile reports at work. If you’re unlucky enough to be listening to Suzyn and John, I’m sorry. If you can’t keep up with the game, I’m going to post my thoughts throughout the game, as time allows, here.

Sit back, and enjoy!

  • Jim Brower was added to the roster, not Joba Chamberlain. (Screw you, NY Post.)
  • Beckham threw out the first pitch. He was quoted as saying, “I’m glad to be back in England.”
  • Pettitte will face 8 righties today. Lyle Overbay is the only lefty in the lineup.
  • Toronto is 5 games out of the Wild Card, and holding out hope.
  • Litsch just threw behind A-Rod, payback for the "Ha" incident. Suzyn and John think the Yanks shouldn't retaliate.
  • Two runners stranded and an inning-ending double play so far in two innings. Not liking the way this game is starting.
  • Did you know John Sterling's real name is Harold Moskowitz? It's on Wikipedia, so it has to be true.
  • No score, top of the third. Pettitte worked out of a minor jam in the bottom of the second.
  • Lead-off triple for the Melk Man. I literally have nightmares about Joe benching him when Giambi comes back.
  • Finally, a Johnny Damon dribbler pays off. 1-0, Yanks.
  • Damon giveth, and Damon taketh away. John and Suzyn make is sound like Damon should've caught a double by Frank Thomas. Two runs score, 2-1 Jays.
  • By the way, Jays blog-of-the-day is none other than, Big Smoke Sports.
  • John and Suzyn just discussed what happens when Giambi comes back. They emphatically stated that Shelley will not get sent down. (If it isn't Shelley, it has to be Cairo, and I'm not so sure Joe would do that).
  • Another GIDP to end an inning. Not good.
  • Sterling's reference of the day: "(The Yankees 25-man roster) Has looked like the mob scene from Quo Vadis." I'm pretty sure he meant this Quo Vadis, not this one.
  • Bad inning that could've been much worse for Pettitte: double, walk, double steal, K, infield single (scores 1 run), K (Frank Thomas), K (Troy Glaus). Thomas and Glaus both have great numbers against Pettitte. 3-1, Jays.
  • Yankee rally, so far: Abreu walk (huge at bat), A-Rod single, Matsui single (scores Abreu, 3-2, Jays), Posada, K (horrible, you have to plate that run)...
  • Cano has ice in his veins. Two-run double to the gap off a lefty. 4-3, Yanks
  • "The Melk Man delivers again!" Clutch, 2-out single to right. 3-3 on the day. 5-3, Yanks.
  • Pettitte worked into trouble, Jim Brower (newest member of the pen) worked out, luckily. Line drive to A-Rod to end the inning. Score stands at 5-3, Yanks.
  • Brower's day is done. 2 batters faced, 1 line out, 1 single. Wonderful move bringing him up instead of Joba or Edwar.
  • Vizcaino is in for two innings, most likely. I guess it could've been worse, Joe could've used Farnsworth. Tying run at the plate, Wells, Thomas and Glaus coming up.
  • The Viz got out of it (Wells K, Big Hurt GIDP), on only 7 pitches.
  • Peter Abraham, of the LoHud Yankees Blog, informs us that today is Simcoe Day in Toronto. Mystery solved, Erin. (check comments for context).
  • Aaron Hill just hit a bomb off the Viz. 5-4 Yanks.
  • Enter Sandman.
  • K, K, K (backwards) Game over.
  • Hyperbole from John Sterling? "He's the greatest relief pitcher to ever play the game." I think not.

Player of The Game: Mariano Rivera. In a one-run game, Mo struck out Alex Rios, Vernon Wells and Frank Thomas. Domination.

Here's the link to the recap/box score from ESPN.

by Brian on Aug 6 2007