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A letter to Bernabe (Figueroa) Williams

Dear Bernie,

The time has come my dear friend. We saw you grow from the bespectacled rookie who was tormented by Mel Hall, into a post-season hero. We marveled at your post season heroics, without you there wouldn't have been 4 rings in 5 years. We've rooted for you, we've supported you, we've made excuses for you, and now it's time for you to do one last thing for us...retire.

Some might say you should've hung up your cleats a couple of years ago. I won't begrudge you the past two seasons in the pinstripes, you had your moments in limited action, but it's time to turn the page. At this point, the only thing left to do is tarnish your image in the minds of your fans. There is no spot on this team for you, but if you do make the 25-man roster, Joe Torre will find a way to get you at bats. Joe is loyal, to a fault, please don't put him, or us, in that position. If you come back every flyball you misjudge, every fastball you swing through, every time you throw a two-hopper to the cutoff man, an amazing catch or a clutch homerun will be erased from our minds. We don't want to forget, don't make us. Your number will be retired, there will be a Bernie Williams day, tears will be shed, the Yanks will probably send you off with a pinstriped Les Paul. Take that guitar and make your music.

Something out there is calling you Bernie, it's been calling for years, it's time to stop ignoring it. When given the choice between battling for the last spot on the Yanks' bench and playing sweet music with the likes of Chynna Phillips. Please choose the latter. The worst thing you can do in sports is linger too long. Whether you have already is debatable, but I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt if you call it quits now. We'll miss you Bernie, in fact, we've already been missing you for the past couple of years. Leave us with a warm feeling when you announce your retirement, and not with a "Thank God he's finally gone."

I implore you Bernabe, call it quits.


The Depressed Fan
by Brian on Feb 8 2007