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Well, I made my first visit to the stadium tonight, and there were some highs and lows from the Yanks first loss of the season:

In the plus column:

  1. I lost my voice, so there was plenty to yell about.
  2. It actually snowed during the game, made for a surreal scene.
  3. Melky was in the starting lineup.
  4. Heckling of fans who couldn’t catch a bag of peanuts and/or insisted on standing up to get their cell phones out of their pockets was at an all time high.
  5. Asssssssssshole, Asssssssssshole… chant was in full effect when two punks jawed at each other for about five minutes, but no one threw a punch.
  6. Got to boo Spike Lee when he tried to film a scene for a movie before the game. Whoever the actor was in the scene, he threw like a girl and about 50,000 fans let him know it, quote of the day, “Maybe you should be shooting this scene at Shea, Spike!”
  7. Doug looked good at the plate, but (see below)
  8. The 4 Train ran express from the Stadium all the way into Brooklyn, so I got home in record time.
  9. We got to hear the Halloween theme when Mike Myers came into the game, always a highlight.

And now the negatives:

  1. It was about 20 degrees out. I froze my ass off.
  2. The Yanks defense was absolutely atrocious. Jeter had two errors (he’s on pace for 263 errors at this point), the team had three. There were about 4 wild pitches and a couple passed balls to boot.
  3. Pettitte didn’t get out of the fifth.
  4. No one, and I do mean no one, in pinstripes could throw a f*cking strike all night long.
  5. Al Reyes came in and got the save throwing nothing but 89 MPH fast balls.
  6. A-Rod’s grace period officially ended, in back to back innings he stranded 5 runners total on base (7 LOB in the game). In the bottom of the eighth, he came up with the bases loaded, the Yanks down 7–6, and what did he do? Pop out.
  7. Doug M. (still hasn’t earned the last name spelling) looks like he gained about 50 lbs in the off season. Not to mention the fact, he missed a couple of pretty easy picks at first. If he’s here because his defense is so far superior to everyone else’s at first, he has to make those plays.

Overall, it was a bad, bad game for the Yanks, but an enjoyable one to experience. Maybe we can chalk up Pettitte's performance to the frigid weather, maybe not. You have to give credit to the D-Rays, every time the Yanks took the lead, the D-Rays came right back. Elijah Dukes hit an absolute laser beam of a homerun into the stands in left. Carl Crawford is hitting about .600 so far this season, and he always seems to be batting with two or three men on base (he’s their leadoff hitter).

The Yanks will hopefully get back on track tomorrow night against the O’s.

Player of The Game: Robinson Cano. Batting leadoff, Cano showed good patience and picked up three hits.

by Brian on Apr 6 2007