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The Yanks just wiggled out of the bottom of the ninth in Oakland, and before I forget, I wanted to get a couple notes from regulation on the record:

  • Farnsworth’s nickname is officially “Four Eyes” until he either (a) finds the zone again, or (b) the Yanks lose this game because he couldn’t hold a lead, in which case his nickname will be “F*cking Four Eyes”
  • No one told Joe Torre that just because you’re playing in Oakland, doesn’t mean you have to play Moneyball. Alex Rodriguez, Damon and Jeter were all on base in a situation where they should’ve stolen second, none of them did. Oh, and did I mention that Jason Kendall only threw out 25% of would-be base stealers last season?
  • Whenever I see an A’s manager, any A’s manager on screen I think about how little he must think of himself. You’re only going to get this if you’ve read Moneyball, if you haven’t read the book, well I don’t have much to say to you.
  • Ken Singleton rocks, but I’m pretty sure that John Flaherty doesn’t realize Singleton used to play.
  • The A’s look like a girls softball team with their flowing locks.
  • As predicted, Vizcaino has jumped not only Proctor but Farnsworth on Joe’s list of, “Relievers Joe Trusts.”

Anyway, bonus cantos in Oakland, I’m ecstatic. Wrap-up after the game.

by Brian on Apr 14 2007