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Game two of the Yankees/Blue Jays series features two former pitching studs. In fact, Roy Halladay and Andy Pettitte finished 1,2 in the Cy Young race way back in 2003. This year, their respective ERA’s have climbed north of 4.00 and while Halladay has 10 wins, neither has pitched to his paycheck or reputation. The Yankee left-handed bats need to stay hot tonight, because Halladay is more than capable of throwing a gem and this momentum needs to keep building. John’s eye is on Doc Holliday today:

Stats: Holliday has been credited, without confirmation, for numerous killings, robberies and general mayhem throughout the Wild West.
Scouting: According to Wikipedia, Holliday was actually a very bad shot. In the four confirmed cases of man-on-man gunplay, Holliday shot one man in the hand, one man across the scalp and missed another entirely.
History: Obviously, the best motion picture depiction of Doc was turned in by Val Kilmer in Tombstone.

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by Brian on Jul 17 2007