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The Blue Jays come into the zoo tonight to take on the Bombers in the first of a four-game set. They’re hot on the Yanks’ heels, and this one may feature some bad blood.

Toronto is coming off splitting a four-gamer with the Sox (and helping the Yankee cause), and they get to face Kei Igawa tonight, so let’s hope the Yanks can put double digits on the board.

Tonight, the spotlight is fixed firmly on SS John McDonald.

Stats: .271 avg, 1 HR, 13 RBI, .287 OBP, .343 SLG
Scouting: The guy is slugging .343, just don’t walk him.
History: The diminutive, punk shortstop took exception when A-Rod yelled “Ha” at third baseman Howie Clark the last time these teams met. Keep your eyes open for a brush-back pitch to A-Rod tonight, and possibly more. If there’s a fight, expect McDonald to have the typical little-guy spaz fighting technique and come charging out of the dugout to find someone to hug.

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by Brian on Jul 16 2007