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Mike Mussina, hiding behind his glove. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)The odds of the Yankees winning today against Johan Santana were pretty slim. We knew that going in. Santana is the best starter in the game. That being said, it really, really annoys me when we see Mike Mussina left in just one batter too long. It happens all the time. Mussina lasts deep into games, he seems to be on, then it all goes south. I don’t know why it is, I don’t know what it is about Moose, but if he doesn’t have breathing room, he gives it up. That’s always been the case, and I wish Joe would realize this.

The Yanks hung with Santana and the Twins through 6 innings. The score was 2–2 in the top of the seventh, Santana had thrown a boatload of pitches. The formula which worked against Pedro Martinez time and time again (keep the game close, make him throw pitches, then beat the bull pen) was working. Then Mussina came out for the seventh, two batters later, the Yanks were down 4–2 and the game was over. 

The Yanks would be going for the series win tomorrow, but I have a feeling the game will be rained out. Today was a missed opportunity, I’m not sure how many of these the Yanks can suffer if the postseason is going to be anything more than a pipe dream.

Player of the Game: Hideki Matsui, 1 for 3 with a bomb off Santana.

by Brian on Jul 5 2007