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That hat looks good on four-eyes.When I was trolling for rumors this afternoon I came across a blurb on ESPN’s rumor mill which said the Rockies are aggressively seeking bullpen help. The punch line: The Rockies might view Kyle Farnsworth as bullpen help. Do I even need to say the Yanks should do it, right now, no matter what they get in return? I’ll take a box of balls fresh out of the humidor and consider it a great deal for the Yanks.

In the same column, there’s another rumor I hadn’t heard before today. The Yanks and White Sox may be looking to deal. The Yanks would get Jon Garland (who is over-rated in my opinion) and Matt Thornton, a lefty reliever. The ChiSox have apparently been scouting the Yankees and their Single-A team in Tampa.

I don’t see how this helps the Yanks, unless Garland is going to replace Mussina in the rotation. Hughes is in the rotation when he’s ready. Any other move with the kid is pure lunacy. The rotation will be Wang, Clemens, Pettitte, Moose and Hughes. If they make the playoffs, Moose drops (I hope). I just don’t see how Garland fits in.

Now, if removing Mussina from the rotation is a possibility, then I think the Yanks should go a different route. Garland has been a consistent winner, but his peripheral numbers are nothing to write home about. I’d much rather see the Yanks give another kid a shot in the rotation before making a deal like this. Bring Joba and/or Kennedy up and see what they can do.

I’m of the belief that the Yanks don’t need to do anything before the deadline. They should stay the course, move toward youth, and let the team continue to progress. If any deals are made, I hope the purpose is to clear some of the garbage out and make room for the young guys. It’d be nice to get a bat off the bench in return, if at all possible.

by Brian on Jul 24 2007