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selig0816.jpgBud Selig announced today that he is a super-nice commissioner. The attention-starved blow hard will not suspend Jason Giambi for sorta, kinda, maybe admitting that he used steroids.

This is an especially magnanimous move by Selig because, if Giambi did in fact admit to using steroids (which is debatable), he admitted to using them before the league had an anti-steroid policy in place. I'm not sure how he could've suspended him for breaking a rule that didn't exist at the time.

In other Giambi news, has anyone else noticed that Giambi's greasy mullet keeps getting longer and longer in the back? (The party hemisphere of the mullet anatomy). This may be the best indication that the days of George's hands-on ownership of the team are nearing an end. I don't think he'd stand for this assault on professionalism.

by Brian on Aug 16 2007
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