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So I was checking out Yardbarker tonight and there was a link to a list created by a blogger over the Summer. After you read the list, you're going to be thinking to yourself, "Someone is missing." You won't be able to put your finger on it, but if you've watched as many Yankee games as I have, in the back of your mind you'll know something is wrong with that list.

Give up? The problem with that list is that Suzyn Waldman is not #1. Come on, how can you have a list of the ten hottest sportscasters and not put "Georgie Girl" on it. I don't care what your criteria were, she's a triple threat. An encyclopedic knowledge of baseball lore, supermodel looks and a voice that turns knees to jelly.

The biggest Yankee tragedy of the past 20 years is when she left television to join John Sterling in the radio booth. Suzyn, you get my write-in vote for hottest sportscaster. Thank God I only have to wait a couple more months to hear sweet Suzyn talk about Derek, Joe, Mariano and all the other Yanks she calls by their first names. You're a ray of sunshine, finding the positive in every situation, even if there isn't anything even remotely positive. You're an 11 on my 1-10 scale, you get extra credit for a complete lack of objectivity, you're what all journalism students should strive to be!

Click here if you love Suzyn.

by Brian on Jan 25 2007