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As I was sitting at my desk, lamenting the sad state of the Yanks rotation, I flipped on my trusty MLB Audio widget and began listening to the Mets/Phils game. After switching away from the Mets’ horrible announcers and onto the soothing tones of Harry Kalas’ voice, I started asking myself why the Phils are off to such a rough start.

Sure, they left a small army on base, but they were pushing runners across the plate. Their big two, Utley and Howard, both hit bombs (Although,I’m still wondering why the Mets would ever pitch to Ryan Howard). Cole Hamels was cruising, 7 K’s in 6 innings. And then it happened.

At first, it was a leak. The pen gave back one run of a two-run lead in the bottom of the seventh. Then it was a flood, 7 RUNS, in the bottom of the eighth. A win for Hamels turned into a blowout, an opportunity for the Mets to get some garbage time work for their closer.

This leads me to a question: Is it better to have no rotation, or no bullpen? It’s a pertinent question, because the Yanks have no rotation, and sit at 2–3, and the Phils have no pen, and are staring 1–6 straight in the face.

From a fan’s perspective, I guess it’s more frustrating to have no pen. It’s got to be gut-wrenching to watch your team build a lead day after day knowing it isn’t going to last. At least with the Yanks, you know you’re offense will have a chance for a miracle comeback.

So, Phillies Front Office, I propose a trade. We will gladly give you Sean Henn (unstoppable lefty out of the pen) and Scott “Doctor” Proctor (righty work-horse who could be a two-inning closer for you) for Cole Hamels. (I considered including Mike Myers, but I can’t part with the Halloween Theme every time he comes in).

Check out Loge 13 for a recap of the game later tonight. Kingman was in attendance.

by Brian on Apr 9 2007