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There's nothing worse than an off day in the baseball season, especially when your favorite team is in the middle of a pennant race. I find it harder to get out of bed in the morning, there's a cloud over my head the entire day, and even leaving work and heading home loses some of its excitement.

Scouring the Internet for Yankee-related news has left me less-than thrilled. It appears the biggest Yankee-related blurb came from Trenton, N.J. Where the AA affiliate, Trenton Thunder, have released their new logo, (which is a marked improvement over the old logo, obviously.

New Logothunderlogo.jpgOld Logothunderold.gif

The Yanks head to Detroit to start a four-game series tomorrow. Below are the pitching match-ups and my predictions for each.
  • Clemens (5-5) vs. Andrew Miller (5-4) - Yanks win, by a lot. Miller has a lot of potential, but his 1.59 WHIP screams blowout to me. The Yanks will probably inflate that number.
  • Wang (14-6) vs. Bonderman (10-6) - Yanks win. Bonderman is sporting a 6.23 ERA in August (Wang's is actually worse, but I see him turning it on down the stretch).
  • Hughes (2-1) vs. Jair Jurrjens (1-1) - Yanks win a battle of 21 year-olds. Hughes didn't have his best stuff last game, and really should've won the game. The kid is legit, he shows it in this game.
  • Mussina (8-8) vs. Verlander (13-5) - Tigers win. Their best against our worst, always a bad combination.
The Sox play the first of four against the ChiSox tonight. Josh Beckett will fail to get his 16th win of the season and the deficit will be 4.5 games.

The Yankees have their rotation set up for the Sox series beginning next Tuesday, it'll be Pettitte in game 1 (vs. Dice K), Clemens in game 2 (vs. Beckett) and Wang in game 3 (vs. Schilling). Our top three vs. their top three, it should be quite a showdown in the Bronx.

One last thought: Ian Kennedy continues to dominate at AAA, is there any chance he comes up before Sept. 1, just in case they need him in the post season? Also, if the Yankees make the playoffs, who is the number 4 starter? I know I'd want Hughes, but will Joe EVER put Mussina in the pen in favor of a rookie? Only time will tell.
by Brian on Aug 23 2007
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