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I usually avoid Mets stories when I stumble upon them online, but whenever the name Anna Benson pops up, I’m compelled to read. The stripper model had some choice words for the Mets’ management recently in a Penthouse article.

Benson’s chief complaint seems to be that the Mets didn’t get enough for her injury-riddled husband, and she somehow sees him as a #1 starter. Anna’s reason for the interview? To dispel any rumors floating around that the Mets got rid of Kris because they were sick of hearing her blather on about how sexy/awesome/studly/wicked-good he was. Anna complained that Mets traded her husband for “A bag of balls.” I bet the Orioles would have a hard time getting that much for him at this point. Benson is sidelined with a torn rotator cuff, which he has decided to rehab instead of opting for surgery.

Oh Anna. You're ruining Kris' life.

by Brian on Mar 21 2007