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Well, Phil Hughes holds a record after his first start in the major league. He’s officially tied for the least amount of run support in the history of the major leagues. Yep, the Yanks average 0.0 runs per Hughes start. Luckily, that’s going to change.

The thing that didn’t change tonight, was the Yankees losing ways. The slide has reached 6 with a 6–0 loss to Toronto. Not much positive to say about this one. There were some good signs from Phil Hughes, but when you say someone showed “good signs” it usually means bad results. The Yanks pen had to throw more than half of the game, again.

The Sox sit 5 and a half games ahead of the Yanks going into this weekend’s three-game set. The good news? Two of the three pitching match-ups favor the Yanks, and the third is pretty much a wash.

Player of the Game: Mike Myers? I guess I’ll give it to him, no one on the offensive side of the ball did anything, and Myers bounced back from the Carl Crawford grand slam to pitch two scoreless.

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by Brian on Apr 27 2007