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joba0807.jpgI was fooled once, and if Peter Abraham at the Yankees LoHud Blog is off the mark today, well, then shame on me.

Abraham is reporting that Joba will indeed be activated for tonight's game, and not a moment too soon. Vizcaino went two yesterday, and Joe was a whisker away from going to Mo in the eighth for the second straight day.

Joba will probably be called upon tonight, and this could be the start of a deadly bullpen combo. Chamberlain's numbers since being moved to the pen have been nothing short of amazing.

It remains to be seen who will get the boot to make room for Joba. It will probably come down to either Brower or Karstens. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Brower after his brief stint in yesterday's game.
by Brian on Aug 7 2007