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It's a little over an hour 'til first pitch. A couple of things to keep an eye on as we watch the game:
  1. Phil Hughes' third pitch - How many change-ups will we see? I think there's a direct correlation between his success and his ability/willingness to use the change, especially against lefties.
  2. A-Rod's ankle - Adrian Beltre fell on A-Rod's ankle yesterday, and it didn't look pretty. He stayed in the game to score a run, but was lifted for a defensive replacement later on. The word on the street today is that he may need an M.R.I., but he's expected to start tonight. I don't need to tell you what his absence would mean to the lineup.
  3. First base - Now we have an imperfect trifecta at first. Betemit (decent glove, can't hit lefties); Doug (great glove, can't hit anyone); and Giambi (decent bat, little-to-no glove). Let's see who gets the start tonight.
by Brian on Sep 5 2007
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