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There’s a rumor making the rounds that the Yanks are talking to the Angels about the possibility of acquiring Shea Hillenbrand. The rumor started in the Post, so take it with a grain of salt. Even so, I think it’s worth noting that this trade would make zero sense.

In Hillenbrand, they’d be getting little more than they already have in Josh Phelps. Even if they want Hillenbrand, which I hope they don’t, there’s no reason to trade for him. Rumor has it, the Angels are going to cut him and his .246 average. Stick with Cairo for the time being, and if you’re going to upgrade the position, make sure it really is an upgrade, and not more of the same.

In other Yankee news, the fine journalists over at ESPN have stopped doing ten-minute segments on A-Rod’s disappointing season post-April and moved on to the new company line, “Yeah, well he’s having a good year, but he won’t be a Yankee after October.” Sour grapes rock. I, for one, can’t wait to see A-Rod in Coors tonight.

by Brian on Jun 19 2007