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I figured that I wouldn't be much use to anyone after the Yanks game tonight in Anaheim, so I'm going to jot down my notes as I watch the game and share them with you guys, in real time.

  • There's no way Vlad thought he caught A-Rod's liner. Nice acting job, though. If anyone thinks Magglio is the MVP, they're sadly mistaken. 1-0, Yanks.
  • Before he takes the mound, let's take a look at Phil Hughes' home/road split:
    • Home: 0-1, 7.71 ERA, 14 innings, 20 hits, 14 Ks
    • Away: 2-0, 0.73 ERA, 12.1 innings, 4 hits, 12 Ks
  • Cano makes some of the most spectacular plays you'll ever see from a second baseman, if he could only handle the routine grounders at a higher rate, he'd be in the conversation for the Gold Glove.
  • Guerrero just jogged his way into a GIDP to end the inning. Quick work by Hughes in the bottom of the first. (Hughes pitch count: 5)
  • I think it's about time we count the airings of the Giusseppe Franco "Proceed" commercials with the Gary Busey cameo. If you've ever watched a game on YES, you know what I'm talking about. (1)
  • This game is flying. Good at bat for Melky in the top of the second. He was down 0-2 very quickly, then fouled a couple of pitches off and took a couple of pitched that he would've chased last week. Good signs.
  • I hate hustle doubles. Usually they mean someone on the defense wasn't hustling.
  • Jesus, back-to-back walks to load the bases with 1 out. Flaherty is saying Hughes doesn't get rattled, I don't know how else to explain this.
  • Bases-clearing double. Son of a bitch. 3-1 Angels. It was a hanging curve to the catcher, Mathis. It looked like he knew it was coming.
  • Hughes' change is a nice pitch, he doesn't use it enough. Not nearly enough. (Hughes pitch count: 30)
  • Yankee bats go silently into the night.
  • A dying quail. Baltimore chop, frozen rope and Sunday hop. Quick inning for Hughes. (Pitch count: 40)
  • Angels 3, Yankees 1, Giusseppe 2.
  • Scott Boras looks evil to me.
  • Matsui triple, Hip-Hip RBI ground out. Chipping away. 3-2 Angels.
  • Hughes is looking strong. 1, 2, 3 finished with a K. (Pitch count: 51)
  • This guy Moseley is just pouring the first fastball in there to everyone. Someone has to notice that, right?
  • Phillips, 2 for 2. I knew it was time to bench him.
  • Strike 'em out, throw 'em out double play. GRRRRR.
  • How hard is it to keep a beach ball off the field? Come on, people.
  • 3-2 curve to FIGGINS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus. What's the worst he's going to do there, hit a single? Challenge him.
  • Hip-Hip! Come on, show me the LoJack symbol. Ah, screw you YES, I'll do it myself.
  • You don't walk Cabrera with Vlad on deck. You got lucky, Phil. (Pitch count: 69)
  • Strange call to the pen for the Angels. Apparently Moseley is a 70-pitch guy. Time for the bats to get to work.
  • A-Bomb. 40 is a nice, round number. 4-3 Yankees.
  • If I'm Alex Rodriguez, I don't want my wife sitting in Scott Boras' box.
  • They should've gotten more than 2 out of that, but they have the lead. Hughes' pitch count is pretty low through 5, he should be able to get the ball to the Viz.
  • Hughes looks MUCH sharper now than he did earlier in the game. He's maintained the velocity on his fastball, and his curve looks sharp. 2-2 count on Matthews here, I want to see him put him away on this pitch. Don't go 3-2. Got him on an easy bouncer. Good work.
  • Kotchman Ks to end the inning. Nice, nice inning by Hughes. (Pitch count: 81, he should be in for the 7th, maybe deeper)
  • Kotchman is sick at first. That was one of the prettiest 3-3-6 DPs you'll ever see. This is one time Michael Kay is not over-stating things.
  • Hughes is done. Single, F-8, Walk in the 7th. (Final pitch count: 92)
  • RBI single for Figgins, damnit. First and third, one out. 4-4 tie.
  • RBI single for Cabrera, 5-4 Angels. First and third again, with Vlad up, and only 1 out. Not looking good. The Viz doesn't have it.
  • RBI ground out for Vlad. 6-4 Angels. Cabrera is still on second. Ugly inning, just stop the bleeding here.
  • Michael Kay, "The damage has been done." Couldn't have said it any better myself.
  • A-Rod will lead off the top of the eighth for the Yanks, better get something done quick. K-Rod will be in before you know it.
  • Giusseppe Franco, again. (3 total).
  • HIP HIP!!! 6-6 tie. That is a clutch, clutch bomb. Takes Hughes off the hook for the loss, and also has me wondering who's going to pitch the eighth. If it's Edwar, I'll be psyched. It'll also let us know who Joe sees as Proctor's replacement.
  • Oh no. Four-eyes will pitch the eighth.
  • Wilson Betemit is my hero. He just saved the game with an amazing pickup and throw to the plate to stop the go-ahead run from scoring.
  • Farnsworth is garbage, he better buy Betemit a car or something to thank him for that.
  • Scioscia got tossed (by a white ump, SML), and I think he had a legit complaint on that call. YES wouldn't even show the side angle, probably because it proved Willets didn't swing.
  • K-Rod throws up a zero in the top of the ninth.
  • Michael Kay and Flaherty are questioning bringing Mo in for the bottom of the ninth. I like the move. Edwar is the only other guy out there I trust, and he pitched 2 innings yesterday. I say go with Mo for 2 right now and give the offense a chance to win it.
  • Mo made me sweat, but got out of trouble. 17 pitches, I think if the Yanks take the lead, he's back out there for the 10th, flip a coin if it's still tied.
  • Son of a...... Final, Angels 7, Yankees 6.
Player of The Game: A-Rod, 3 for 5, 2 runs, 3 RBI, 1 HR.

Things don't get any easier on the left coast. The Yanks send Mussina to the hill tomorrow to take his robotic beating, and they face the Angels' two best pitchers over the next two days, Lackey and Escobar.

Of course, the Sox and Mariners both won earlier today, the deficits are 5 and 1.5, respectively.
by Brian on Aug 21 2007
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