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Someday I'll take a couple of weeks off of work and head down to Tampa for the Yanks' spring training. In the meantime, here's a glimpse at the goings-on at Legends Field (pictured above) in the form of links.

— Let the malingering begin: Pavano took a linedrive off his foot today
— Hope it's nothing serious: Damon takes time off for personal reasons
— Good signs for A-Rod: Fans shame an A-Rod heckler
— This is why I love Mo: Rivera laughs when asked if he'd go to the Red Sox next year as a free agent
— 120 games is not enough: Melky Cabrera's role is discussed with Torre and the other outfielders
— Where would the Yanks have been without this guy: Scott Proctor is ready for another 83 appearances, if need be.
— I be he doesn't even know who Bernie is: Mayor Bloomberg lobbies for Bernie to rejoin the Yanks

by Brian on Feb 25 2007