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If you tuned into the game tonight with two out in the top of the ninth and saw a close-up of Alex Rodriguez in the Yankee dugout, you’d think the Royals were finishing up a shellacking of the Bombers. A-Rod was pissed. The good news? A-Rod was pissed because Jeter got beaned. This is the difference between this year’s A-Rod and the previous version. All he cares about is baseball, winning and his teammates.

If not for Melky Cabrera, Gil Meche would’ve thrown a great game. The Melk Man was responsible for the entire Yankee offense for the first seven innings. A two-run bomb and a sac fly plated all three Yankee runs. Then A-Rod put the game away with his 499th career home run.

Mussina nibbled and nibbled and nibbled, as usual, but he was effective. The Moose gets a pass tonight, he nearly got through the sixth, and held on to a tight lead.

That’s six in a row Yankee fans. The Sox lost 1–0 to Fausto Carmona, the deficit is now 6.5 to Boston (6 in the loss column) and 4.5 in the Wild Card (4 in the loss column). Kei is on the hill tomorrow, cross your fingers.

Letter to the Skipper:


Player of the Game: Melky Cabrera, 1 for 3, 1 run, 3 RBIs, 1 HR.

by Brian on Jul 26 2007