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The Yanks have jumped out to a 3-0 lead on two, two-out singles by Melky and Damon. The Mariners lost to the Angels, so if the Yanks win, they pull into a tie for the Wild Card lead.

If you aren't watching the game, turn it on and check out Josh Beckett's facial hair. I have no idea how to describe it other than disgraceful.

UPDATE (mid 4th) No-no for Clemens through 4.

UPDATE (top 5) Detroit is getting torn apart by K.C. 5-0 in the top of the first.

UPDATE (mid 5) No-no through 5. Michael Kay just said so.

UPDATE (mid 5) I found a picture of the hair, it's like a goatee, but only under his chin. Jesus, they're showing all the "stars" in the crowd.
UPDATE (mid 6) I guess he should've hit Ortiz. Solo bomb, 3-1 Yanks. Here's a troubling stat. Against the Yanks, Ortiz has 24 career home runs, and has been hit by 0 pitches. You'd think someone would've hit him by accident by this point in 100 games.

UPDATE (end 6) Beckett wiggles out of a bases-loaded jam. Still 3-1.

UPDATE (bot 7) A-Bomb. 4-1, Yanks. What the hell is Beckett still doing in there?

UPDATE (top 8) That's the Farnsworthless we know and love. Two-run bomb for Youkilis. 4-3, Yanks. Mo better get warm fast.

UPDATE (top 8) Sandman in the eighth. Good work Farnsworth.

FINAL UPDATE (game over) Mo saves the day. Must win, was won. Now just come back and do it again tomorrow afternoon. Yanks 4, Sox 3.

Player of The Game: Mariano Rivera, 1.1 IP, 1 save on 14 pitches.
by Brian on Aug 29 2007
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