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Sweet Jesus. A four-hour rain delay is just ridiculous. It's 11:05 here in NY, and they're just getting ready for the first pitch. My meticulous DVR programming skills were not needed at all, I'm home in time for every pitch.

My apologies to all the soaked Detroit Tiger fans who sat through that rain delay. I guess I'll be live blogging. Let's hope the old man can handle pitching past his bed time.

A quick update, the Sox swept a double-dip in Chicago, and it looks like Seattle is going to win in Texas, the deficits are now 6 and 2.5, respectively (if the Seattle score holds up.)

  • Let's start it off with a philosophical question: Does Saturday count as a rest day for Clemens if he pitches well past midnight tonight?
  • Two plays that should've been made to start the game, including an error on Polanco, his first in 147 games.
  • Make that three plays that should've been made. Jeter caught a lucky break there. First and second, one out for A-Rod instead a 1,2,3 inning.
  • Jesus, the Yanks cannot accept a gift, Melky gunned down trying to steal third. He was safe, but the ball beat him there, you're never going to get that call. Missed opportunity there.
  • Make sure you check out this Phil Rizzuto story from The Serious Tip if you get a chance. It's a great story, kinda reminds me of the movie The Sandlot.
  • Late note on the lineup: Love seeing Shelley out there in right against the lefty.
  • I'm shocked by the number of people still at the park after a 4-hour rain delay.
  • HR, Ordonez. 2-0, Ligers.
  • Clutch 2-out hit for Phillips. 2-1, Ligers.
  • Great, Guidry was trying to teach Mussina to throw a slider before the game today. Here's a tip, when you throw an 85 MPH fastball, the slider is not going to be a devastating pitch.
  • I do like the question MY9 asked the fans, "If Mike Mussina has another poor outing, should he be pulled from the rotation?" My answer: Why wait for another one? Can this team afford to throw away games?
  • Nice inning for Skidmark.
  • If you still don't know why I call Clemens Skidmark, here's a visual explanation.

  • Damon with his second hit of the night.
  • Melky GIDP.
  • The Seattle game is a final, 2.5 games back in the Wild Card.
  • A-Bomb. Jesus that guy is strong. If not for his reaction, I would've thought that was a fly out to medium right. 3-2, Yanks.
  • 11-pitch at bat by Granderson leads to an RBI triple. 3-3, Tie. Granderson's on third with no one out. Skidmark coughed up the lead in the blink of an eye.
  • RBI groundout for Polanco. 4-3, Detritus.
  • The Gagne/Joba graphic is updated. Gagne went 1 inning today, giving up 1 hit and striking out 1.
  • Shelley Duncan got a hit. Joe should really find a way to keep this kid out of the lineup. Who needs all these hits?
  • Lead-off walks score 60% of the time, and Clemens just threw a 3-2 split to Pudge Rodriguez. (at least I hope it was a splitter, otherwise it was an 84 MPH fastball.)
  • Bruney's back in Pinstripes (or road grays, as the case may be). Ron Villone was put on the D.L. This leaves the Yanks with one lefty in the pen, which probably isn't as much of a problem as you'd think. Joba and Edwar are both very effective vs. lefties, and I see the end of the Yankee pen as guys who pitch innings, rather than come in for favorable matchups.
  • Granderson is unreal. Second triple of the night, on a 1-2 count with two out and two on. 6-3, Pistons.
  • Hip, Hip! Two run double (that should've been a triple). 6-5, Red Wings.
  • That's all for Miller, and the rain has started again, so the Yanks need to at least tie it here, or risk a loss if the game is called.
  • Godzilla comes through, 6-6, Tie. (I believe, if it gets rained out right now, the game would be continued from this point.)
  • Another botched grounder by the Tigers. This one cost them a double play, and would've ended the inning.
  • Clemens is getting stronger.
  • I'm hoping they only use Joba for 1 today. 1 today, 1 Sunday, then he's available for the first game of the Boston series.
  • Edwar for the sixth, nice play by Matsui on a deeeeeep fly to left.
  • Edwar needs to show the fastball more. It's 90MPH, that's decent speed if he spots it. That makes the change much more effective.
  • Leiter just said pretty much exactly what I did. Copy cat.
  • Brandon Inge, 3-2 again for Edwar. If you remember, he got him on a 3-2 change back in NY. Let's see if he mixes it up and throws a heater.
  • He threw a change. Inge fouled it off. Then Edwar missed with a fastball, walked him.
  • Edwar worked out of a little trouble.
  • Joba for the seventh. I'm going to retract my statement from earlier. You have to win this game, Joba goes 2, if need be.
  • 2 pitches, 1 lazy fly ball to center.
  • 3-2 to Thames...K on a sick slider.
  • Ordonez pops out. Slider on the outside corner, after Joba painted the outside corner with a heater on the first pitch. This kid is unreal. 10 pitches, 3 outs.
  • Damon choke job. The lefty made him look bad.
  • Oh my. I guess you should watch what you ask for. F*cking Farnsworth is in, in a tie game, in the eighth. This is a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. If Joba went two, he's probably only available for one game in the Boston series, or only 1 game of this series. Here's the question, though. Why Farnsworth and not The Viz? Here's the answer: Joe burned The Viz by using him in that blowout game on Tuesday. Funny how things could come back to haunt you.
  • That being said, Farnsworth looked impressive in the eighth. Joe appears to know something I do not. (Which isn't really all that shocking).
  • OK, here we go. Melky with a leadoff single. I don't bunt Jeter here, I hit and run on the second pitch.
  • The Gagne/Joba graphic is updated.
  • Jeter with a backward K, but Melky stole second the on the 3-2 pitch. A-Rod is probably going to get a free pass here.
  • Pudge hit his hand on Jeter's bat throwing to second. He's in obvious pain. If he stays in the game, I have Melky steal third on the first pitch.
  • Balkin' Bob Davidson has decided this game is all about him. He just rung Jorge up on two bad calls, then threw him out of the game. Molina is going to have to catch the Viz in the bottom of the ninth.
  • The Viz escapes the bottom of the ninth.
  • Why not play extras? Leiter sounds like he's about to pass out, and I think Michael Kay has had about 30 Red Bulls tonight. I can barely keep my eyes open at this point.
  • At least Posada will be fresh for the game later today.
  • In comes Mo for the bottom of the 10th. I wonder if we're going to see Bruney if this game keeps going. Henn and Bruney are the only guys left out there, I believe.
  • I don't have a problem with this move. If Mo gets out of it, the Yanks have Abreu and the top of the lineup coming up, now was the right time. You have to extend the game.
  • Leadoff double for Ordonez. This has to be a bunt from Guillen.
  • Or not. Ground ball to second gets the job done. Ordonez on third, one out.
  • Intentional walk to Pudge, putting the pressure on Rayburn.
  • They're walking Rayburn too, to load the bases for Inge.
  • Michael Kay, "A long night's journey into day."
  • Phillips with a game-saver (for the time being).
  • Molina is having trouble catching the cutter, that worries me.
  • Wow. Mo struck him out. Bases are left loaded. Mo threw 25 pitches, but that number is deceiving, 8 of them were on intentional walks. I think he could probably throw another inning. It's going to depend on what the Yankee bats do here.
  • Someone woke up the Giambino and handed him a bat. Pinch-hitting for Damon.
  • Yanks go down 1,2,3.
  • Mo for the bottom of the 11th?
  • Nope, Sean Henn. I will be shocked if we see a 12th inning.
  • Granderson has a shot at the cycle here. He just needs a home run.
  • Placido Polanco has the weirdest shaped face I've ever seen.
  • Henn goes 3-2 on the first two batters. Strikes out Granderson, walks Polanco. A double play from Casey would be nice here.
  • Polanco caught stealing on what looked like a busted play. Casey single to center.
  • Magglio is about to get tossed for arguing a bad call.
  • I guess that's how you hit .355. Check swing blooper over Cano's head for a single. Winning run on third with two out and Guillen at the plate.
  • Walk-off, three-run bomb for Guillen. That was a foregone conclusion. 9-6, Lions. Final.
Player of The Game: Who cares, give it to Joba.

6.5 back of Boston, 3 back of Seattle now. This ship needs to get righted quickly, there isn't much season left.
by Brian on Aug 25 2007
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