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Game 7 of the Yankee/Sox series this year goes to the Yankees, 6-2. The score was the exact same as their win last night over the Mets, and on both occasions the Yanks pounded pitchers with sub 3.00 ERAs.

This is two complete team efforts in a row for the Yanks. Wang went 6.1 innings, the Yanks blasted two long dongs, and swiped 4 bags. They did commit 1 error, but it was a bang-bang play for Jeter which could’ve gone either way.

Filed under, “This happens every, single time,” Derek Jeter was hit by a pitch in a game against the Red Sox. I expect there to be some retaliation in this series at some point. Probably by Proctor or Bruney. Farnsworth pitched the ninth, the inning after Jeter got hit, and he won’t be delivering any retribution. It requires a spine to stand up for your teammates.

The Yanks draw to 9.5 games behind the Sox with tonight’s win, hopefully they can follow it up tomorrow night against Julian Tavarez.

Due to some kind of malfunction on DirecTV’s part (the first such malfunction or oversight by the company which actually worked in my favor), tonight’s game was aired on ESPN, in high-def, so instead of the Yankee announcers I was treated to Rick Sutcliffe. Sutcliffe is a moron, and not really all that insightful, but it was fun to get a different opinion on the Yanks, and did do a good job of describing the thumb’s role in sinkers and cut fastballs.

If you watch on YES, you get nothing but excuses for everything. On FOX McCarver’s anti-Yankee bias is unbearable, and Joe Buck’s homo-erotic asides should be made into a drinking game (Hugh Laurie’s hypnotic blue eyes, etc). ESPN’s A-list announcers, Jon Miller and Joe Morgan, combine buffoonery and bias to make television not worth watching. I blame Morgan, Miller’s a solid play-by-play guy.

Player of the Game: Robinson Cano, 2 for 4, 1 run, 2 RBIs. Cano’s two-run triple came when the Sox were showing some life, and put the game away for the Yanks.

by Brian on May 21 2007