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As if Texans needed a few more reasons to hate New York. In the past week plus, not only have the Bombers stolen their favorite son, but they've also completely outclassed their Rangers (5 straight wins for the Bombers over the Rangers). Mike Mussina kept the string of stellar starting pitching going for the Yanks with 6 strong innings in a 6-2 win.

The Yanks are finally back to .500 (16–16), and while it took much longer to get here than it should have, if the starting pitching keeps going like this, .500 will be a distant memory by the time the Rocket squeezes into a uni.

The comical highlight of the night came when a fool ran onto the field in the top of the ninth. As usual, the YES cameras didn’t follow the guy, and Michael Kay made the usual, “Someone has run onto the field. They will get him off the field shortly. We will not show him so this type of behavior is not encouraged.” About 15 seconds after Kay gave the disclaimer, the guy ran into the shot, being chased by two security guards, the cameraman scrambled to get him out of the picture, but the guy juked, and another plain-clothes security guy ran right over the mound, right past Mo. Then the guy made another move, cut in between homeplate and the pitcher’s mound. All told, it took about five minutes for them to cuff him and get him off the field.

Michael Kay’s reaction: “It’s going to be a long night in jail for that guy. Oh, and check out Center Stage with L.L. Cool J. after the game here on YES!”

Player of the Game: Derek Jeter, 2 for 3, 1 run, 3 RBIs. Current batting average: .362.

by Brian on May 9 2007