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Carl Pavano (0–0) vs Scott Kazmir (0–0)

Well, here we go Yanks’ fans. The Yanks kick off the season today at 1:05pm at the Stadium against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. To say the season is getting off to an inauspicious start would be a gross understatement. Carl Pavano, the prodigal son, the illegitimate step-child, the … well, you get the picture. I don’t like this guy. Anyway, he’s starting on opening day, and let’s just say I’m not heart-broken that I won’t be in attendance.

In a nutshell: Pavano is horrible. Not only is he horrible, but he’s spineless. The Rays can and will score on him. Scott Kazmir, on the other hand, is an ace in the making, and a left-handed ace at that. A-Rod is the only right-handed power bat in the Yanks lineup. Not a good combination.

Key to the game: The Yanks need to work the count, which they’re great at, and get into the Rays’ bullpen. If Pavano can keep the Rays under double-digits, and Kazmir doesn’t last past the sixth inning, I give the Yanks a fighting chance.

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Projected lineups:

Yanks (0–0, 14–13 in Spring Training)
1. Damon (8)
2. Jeter (6)
3. Abreu (9)
4. A-Rod (5)
5. Giambi (DH)
6. Matsui (7)
7. Posada (2)
8. Cano (4)
9. Phelps (3)

Tampa (0–0, 10–19 in Spring Training)
1. Crawford (7)
2. Ben Zobrist (6)
3. Baldelli (DH)
4. Wigginton (3)
5. Delmon Young (9)
6. Akinori Iwamura (5)
7. Dioner Navarro (2)
8. Elijah Dukes (8)
9. B.J. Upton (4)

by Brian on Apr 2 2007