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Cha Seung Baek (0–0, 4.22 ERA) vs. Kei Igawa (2–1, 6.08 ERA)

Four in a row? I know, I know, a four-game winning streak is completely out of the question. According to ESPN this team is done. There’s no way Kei Igawa can go out there today and extend this streak to four games. Torre’s going to be fired, A-Rod is going to opt out, Rivera is over the hill, Jeter can’t play D. The Yanks are destined to finish in last place, why even watch?

At least that was the sentiment less than a week ago. Today, the Yanks can, and should, extend their season-long winning streak to four games, and move into sole possession of second place in the A.L. East.

In a nutshell: Igawa is coming off his best performance of the year, a six-inning relief stint against the Sox when Jeff Karstens broke his leg on the first pitch of the game. If he continues to work down in the zone, he should be successful tonight. If he elevates his pitches, it means trouble.

Keys to the game: Damon, if he plays, needs to start playing like Johnny Damon. Abreu needs to break out of his slump. The bullpen should be in decent shape, even coming off a doubleheader, because the Yanks got two quality starts out of Pettitte and Mussina. Farnsworth won’t be used, but everyone else, including Mo, should be available if necessary.

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by Brian on May 4 2007