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Mike Wood (0–0, 3.12) vs. Andy Pettitte (1–1, 3.00)

The Bombers send Andy Pettitte to the hill today in an attempt to bounce back from a bull pen meltdown last night. Pettitte is all too familiar with the bull pen's tenancy to blow leads, he's been on the wrong side of three blown saves already this season.

Mike Wood will make his third start of the season for the Rangers. His last start, against the Yanks, was respectable: 6.1IP, 3 runs, 2 earned, 5 hits, 1 walk, 3 Ks. The Rangers bounced back from being swept by the Yanks in Toronto. They out-scored the hapless Blue Jays 21–7 in their weekend sweep north of the border.

Eric Gagne is expected to come off the DL for tonight’s game, and the Yankees should feel honored to be present for one of the 15 games he’ll be available for this season. Funny that no one really mentions Gagne’s name in the steroid scandal. He came out of nowhere to absolutely dominate, then his body broke down when he was only 29. It’s easy to point out the hitters who suddenly go from 20 HRs to 35, but pitchers who suddenly find 5–10 MPH on their fastballs get a pass for the most part.

In a nutshell: The Yanks blew an opportunity to reach .500 yesterday, time to start climbing up the hill again.

Key to the game: How about we actually hold a lead for Pettitte this time?

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by Brian on May 8 2007