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Robinson Tejada (3–2, 3.89 ERA) vs. Mike Mussina (1–1, 5.73 ERA)

Mike Mussina looks to keep the momentum going tonight for a Yankee rotation that has rebounded from an early-season catastrophe. In the past 8 games (6–2 record) Yankee starters have compiled a 2.57 ERA over 49 innings. If you take Kei Igawa’s disastrous, and perhaps final start out of the equation the numbers are even more impressive: 1.20 ERA over 45 innings.

Mussina looked good in his first start back against the Rangers last week, though he only threw 64 pitches. Look for Joe to stretch him out a little further tonight.

In a nutshell: Tonight is yet another chance for the Yanks to climb up to .500. Hopefully they get it done this time.

Keys to the game: Giambi is listed as questionable for tonight’s game, so Abreu’s drop to the seven hole may be short lived. He needs to break out of this slump, Damon has come to life, A-Rod hit the ball with authority again last night, even Doug is stroking it. Abreu is the only missing link.

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by Brian on May 9 2007