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Brandon McCarthy (2–4, 7.96 ERA) vs. Chien-Ming Wang (1–2, 3.98 ERA)

Chien-Ming Wang will take the hill today, looking to complete the series and season sweep of the Texas Rangers. It’s an early one, so I’ll be listening at my desk (hopefully, to the Rangers broadcast).

In a nutshell: Wang had one rocky outing, one decent one, then he was back to normal. He’s the ace of this staff and he’s also the one guy Joe can count on to go DEEEEEEEP into games. McCarthy has been a bust for the Rangers thus far, although he is coming off his best start of the season: 6IP, 1 earned, 2 hits, 4 walks, 1 K.

Keys to the game: Everything is stacked in the Yanks’ favor, which means they probably lose in a painful manner. Giambi is out, as is Michael Young for the Rangers. Young’s replacement is Matt Kata (pronounced kay-tah), as my brother said last night, it’s too bad his first name isn’t Al.

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by Brian on May 10 2007