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Erik Bedard (0-1) vs. Darrell Rasner (0-0)

Here's a quick glimpse at the Baltimore/Yanks matchup tomorrow in the Bronx:

In a nutshell: Pavano couldn't do it, Pettitte couldn't do it, Mussina couldn't do it, Igawa couldn't do it. What does it equal? Simple, pitch 6 innings and give the Yanks an opportunity to rest their pen. Tomorrow, "Larry, Darryl and Darrell" Rasner will take the hill with aspirations of being the first Yanks starter to earn a paycheck the first time through the rotation. Matsui tweaked a hammy today, and it's doubtful that he'll be back by tomorrow, so Damon will probably move back into the lineup.

Keys to the game: The Yanks are facing their second ace lefty of the season in Erik Bedard. They have a rookie on the hill, an over-worked pen and an injury riddled outfield. The good news is that Proctor, Farnsworth and Mo should be available tomorrow, so if Rassner can get them 6, the back end of the pen should be in fine working order.

by Brian on Apr 7 2007