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Tyler Clippard (2–1, 4.20 ERA) vs. Mark Buehrle (2–2, 3.66 ERA)

When logic fails, all that’s left is good juju, karma, history and stoner-logic. Tonight, the Yanks have all that other stuff going for them.

First and foremost (always wanted to say that, and I won’t be winning a Grammy anytime soon, so this is probably my best opportunity), take a look a Tyler Clippard’s ERA. Guaranteed win, by stoner-logic.

2: I did not pick up Tyler Clippard on my fantasy team for tonight’s start. Good juju.

3: A-Rod was called out on a questionable play last night, a play that might have swung the momentum of the game. He struck out, inadvertently kicked the ball, when the catcher threw to first it hit A-Rod. He was called out for being out of the baseline, which he wasn’t, but he probably should’ve been called out for kicking the ball. No one argued the call. That’s good karma if I’ve ever seen it.

4: The Yankees own Mark Buehrle. In his last two starts against the Bombers, Buehrle has given up 16 runs in five innings of work. History.

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by Brian on Jun 5 2007