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Chien-Ming Wang (4–4, 4.19 ERA) vs. Javier Vazquez (3–3, 3.95 ERA)

Four out of six is a nice little streak, all on the road. If the Yanks finish their season winning four out of every six games, they’ll wind up with a 95–67 record. Five out of seven, now that’s really nice. The Yanks need to keep this string of good play going tonight, and tomorrow night. Over the past week they’ve gained three games on the Red Sox, and shown definite signs of breaking out of the two-month malaise that has put many a Yankee fan on suicide watch.

Boston is headed in the opposite direction. They’ve lost five out of six games, their starting pitching has failed them, their bullpen has failed them, and they haven’t gotten the clutch hits and miracle comebacks which defined their early season.

The Yankees have five straight winable games coming up, two more at Chicago, then a three-game set at the stadium against the Pirates. Boston has two more in Oakland, and then three in Arizona. At Arizona either Lowell, Youkilis or Ortiz is out of the lineup. This deficit could be manageable by next week.

Chien-Ming Wang will square off against an old friend tonight. You remember Javier Vazquez, he’s the stiff that gave up the grand slam to Johnny Damon in the 2004 ALCS, the hit that basically ended that series. Let’s hope the Yanks can exact some revenge against Vazquez, yet another NL pitcher who couldn’t hack it in the Bronx.

In a nutshell: Abreu and Cano are officially out of their slumps. When the calendar flipped to June, they both woke up. Cano seems to hit a line drive on any pitch he can reach. He’s spraying the ball all over the field. Abreu has regained his confidence, his patience, and managed to keep his nose on the ball. I wouldn’t want to be a right-handed pitcher facing the Yanks right now. Oh, and Mr. April is turning in a solid June thus far as well.

Key to the game: Torture Javy.

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by Brian on Jun 6 2007